Are New Doors Beneficial?

Keeping your home safe and warm is very important, so getting a new door will help to limit the cold. Insulation within a home can change when a door ages, as it can let in drafts. You need to keep things thermally effective or else it can get expensive over time with the price of energy, from heat lost. A new door pays for itself! This is particularly beneficial if you are planning to sell your home. Not only will it look a lot better but they will be more practical and modern. For instance, you can choose to add decorative materials like glass to keep things sophisticated.


Having a new door limits the chance of intruders getting in, due to being more durable, therefore security will be stronger. It would be easier for someone to break through an older door, so getting a door with a stronger material is a great option. A weaker material will have to deal with effects over time. For instance, a wooden door may eventually warp. If you still like the wooden effect, choosing a steel door can be modified to represent it. Having an older wooden door will usually need more work done to it, such as the need to be painted every so often. Having a new door made of fibreglass means it can be painted with something to keep it defensive against the elements.
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Renovation Trends Of 2021-2022

The last couple of years has seen many people transforming their homes, either for the visual aspect or the practical. Home offices have become quite common and house owners have been changing up the rooms to accommodate this. This could simply be a change around or a complete renovation. In order to keep things productive and stress free, having the room spacious and the right ambience is important. By designing their own working space, they will be able to happily concentrate in their own environment without being disturbed in a loud family room, such as the kitchen or lounge. Nowadays smart tech is used quite often, with motion sensor lights and smartphone controls, to keeps things as easy as possible.


Another trend is the enhancement of outdoor areas. Meeting outdoors during the summer meant people upgraded their gardens to be guest friendly, with a barbecue, furnishings and LED lights. Aesthetics come into play to keep things fresh and also practical, such as shading when it is hot and covers for when it's raining.


Many people have changed their interior design, be it their wallpaper, paint or flooring. Bright colours and warm lighting have given homes a boost, whereas in the kitchen or bathroom people may have done the opposite and given it a 'cool' theme, with blues and silvers. Colour contrasting has been popular, giving the house a visual lift. Natural light has been improved, with people opting for bigger windows, as well as more eco-friendly materials to help lower energy waste. Call us for a visit and free quotation on your next Kitchen Refurbishment in Weston Super Mare.


Bricks Or Blocks?

Bricks and blocks both have strong materials that are fire resistant, with high thermal quality and a long lifespan. However, there are some factors that stand alone. Blocks are made from concrete, that is created from aggregates and cement, which makes a strong material when formed. Bricks are traditionally clay (lime, concrete and sand). Manganese, barium and other additions with the clay help to form different varieties and colours. The addition of barium carbonate boosts the ability of element resistance. Both materials are also durable but it depends on the type of mortar that is holding everything together. If the mortar has plenty of lime, then it may be weaker than ones that have a lot of cement.


Weight isn’t a permanent factor, as it can change depending on the sort of materials, the block size and sort of construction work involved. An average clay brick will be around 5 pounds, whereas a concrete block of around 8 inches can weigh 43 pounds.


Overall, these materials both have their own beneficial uses. If you’re looking at a more financially friendly material, then blocks tend to be cheaper and easier to fit. General concrete blocks provide more strength against bad elements and are more soundproof. However traditional bricks can be stronger than the lightweight hollow blocks that can be used, with a greater quality thermal ability. They can absorb heat throughout the day and then release it gradually at night. This means your home will stay comfortable. The other plus is that bricks can be recyclable with their natural material, which is good for the environment. Call us today as your local Building company in Clevedon.


The Benefits Of A Handyman

Hiring a handyman is beneficial in several ways, particularly as they are skilled in multitasking. They are experienced in several areas, from plumbing and electrics, to decorating and plastering. An experienced handyman is definitely better than having to rely on various contractors to do separate jobs, which will also add up when it comes to receiving the bill later on. You will find it is more cost efficient with a handyman. A handyman is also time efficient, due to having the experience and care when doing the work. If we tried to do the jobs ourselves there would be a lot of room for errors!


Maintenance is important for a home, but with a busy lifestyle things get put off and you may find yourself less likely to pick up a paintbrush. Sometimes months go by and you realise you’ve lived with dodgy windows and badly peeling paint that you wouldn’t want any potential visitors to see. So things will be done thoroughly with a handyman, particularly if you have things that need looking at as soon as possible, such as the electrics. With a professional handyman you will have the support you need that has guaranteed care and efficiency, call us for local help with this and all Building services in Clevedon.


The Advantages Of Loft Conversions

You may not want to move house, but you may find a loft conversion will give you the extra space you need. Extra space will increase your property value, as you are increasing the storage area. If you think about all the memories we develop over time, having a space to keep them in is a definite benefit.


In older properties, unfortunately heat insulation is a problem due to the lack of it. So energy efficiency can be an issue. But by having your loft converted you can boost the insulation, so energy won’t be an issue!


When thinking about ideas for the space, you don’t have to go for a storage room. Commonly, lofts are developed into game rooms, bedrooms or even play rooms. By getting an updated room, you will find your value gets a boost! With these advantages of a conversion, it is a great idea to give your loft an upgrade. Call us for a quotation on your Loft Conversion or Property refurbishment in Weston Super Mare.


The Importance of Building Maintenance

One very important reason to keep your building maintenance up to date, is the health and safety of your employees. Not only is it the law, it is integral you keep your employees safe and happy and lower any risks that may arise. For instance, if you use any gas in the building, you will have to have it checked yearly by a professional gas engineer.


It is your job as property owner or boss to make sure the area is safe. There are potential risks to employees which may not be obvious. For instance, someone could spot a small leak that isn’t noticed for a while. Eventually the damp area can get mouldy and musty. This can cause health problems with the employees, such as breathing issues.


As well as health issues, an unnoticed leak can eventually lead to the ceiling collapsing. Not only will this potentially harm any employees, but it will also damage any expensive items in the office. Regular roof checks will keep this at bay, as well as being financially efficient. Regular checks means there is less chance of paying out for a big repair bill after a small issue grows.


Another factor to think about is insurance and whether potential hazards can affect it. Insurance can be refused based on how badly a place has been looked after. You could be trying to claim damage from a storm, but it could be rejected in favour of poor maintenance instead. With all these issues in mind, keeping a regular eye on your work place is the best solution. Call DSR Construction for all Property renovations in Clevedon.


Is A Foundation Needed For A Conservatory?

Without the right foundation, the construction of a conservatory can be affected badly. It is required in order to carefully transfer the weight of the property to the ground.


Depending on the type of soil, they can cope with various weights. However certain elements can affect things, potentially causing structural issues. For example, when clay is used it shrinks as it dries, holding in water. Trees close by can make the clay shrink notably. However slight changes are expected, so a foundation can be constructed deeper to tackle this.


You also need to think about the weight between different materials for the conservatory itself(such as timber, aluminium or uPVC), as this will affect how deep the foundation will be.


The most favoured foundation is ‘deep strip’. The depth of this foundation depends on the sort of soil used, and usually the width is at least 450mm, and 225mm for the minimum of how deep the concrete goes.


Whatever you choose, make sure you discuss it with an expert first, as they will know how to advise you. You can be reassured that your new build and the area around it will be as safe and secure as can be. If you need a building company in Clevedon call DSR today.


Benefits Of Home Renovation

Renovating your home gives you the ability to show off your own preferences and style. On a practical sense you will have more space in which to make your own.


Unfortunately homeowners have found that the costs for energy have been rising, and this is something that will keep happening. However, if you renovate your house you could help to improve your bills. For example, if the entrances to your home are ageing, then heat can escape and you will be losing money by raising the temperature to combat this. If these are replaced then your home can become more efficient in storing energy.


Renovation can help raise the value of the building, and attract any new future homeowners, as anything new that has been replaced is an advantage.


The best thing to do is hire a professional to carry out the construction for you. They will be able to advise on the ideas you have and anything you might need to rethink in order to make your home the best it can be. Call us if you require an honest Building company in Weston Super Mare.


Construction research receives a boost of £18m.

Projects will be able to go ahead with the share of £18m funding by the government. Some of these projects will be carried out in collaboration between industry bodies and universities. A selection of the projects to be included involve augmented reality, 3D printed concrete components, conversational artificial intelligence, building design, electricity generation and many more. For more information on this and any Building regulations call DSR construction your local Building company in Weston Super Mare.


Permitted Development

If you are planning a complete home extension orloft conversion you may be aware that it’s not always necessary to apply for planning permission. It is possible to make alterations to your home within the Government’s Permitted Development rights.


Discuss the options available with your builder in Weston Super Mare to find out what is feasible. It may be that your plans are outside the limits of the permitted development but your building company in Clevedon will be able to offer advice and ideas based on their personal experience.


Undertaking a Property Renovation?

Property renovation has become big business in the UK thanks to long standing programs like Homes Under the Hammer, so if you too are dipping your toe in the property renovation pond, here are some things to consider.


1. The right property for you
Ensuring the property you buy is right for you is the number one factor to a successful property renovation. Rule number one for buying from an auction is to view the property first! You can then assess the building and ensure location is viable for you to undertake the work before committing to the purchase.


2. Renovation Insurance
Now the contract for the project is yours, you are responsible for the site and everything happening within it and require insurance. If you have a mortgage to fund the project, proof of insurance may be necessary before funds are released to you.


3. Schedule to the second
Although many projects do run over their timeframe, it is important to plan your time as best you can to ensure the design is carried out smoothly. The order of your schedule can help fix crucial building errors early before they become a bigger issue later in the project.

4. Repair existing features
Charming original features are often uncovered when a property is stripped back. Repairing and restoring these can add extra value to a home as well as add a beautiful and often unique design feature.


If you are considering undertaking your own property renovation in Weston Super Mare, contact the experts at DSR Construction.


Extend or sell?

It’s a dilemma, you desperately need extra space but there’s nothing on the market that ticks all your boxes! The children like their school, you like the area but you’re increasingly frustrated by the lack of storage or living space.
Remodelling your interior and adding an extension can transform your home. Working with your local building specialist it’s possible to increase your available space and add value to your home at the same time. People like the Land Registry, Office for National Statistics, Hamptons Estate Agents and a study of Energy Efficiency Certificates reveal that in the majority of cases an extension increases the value of your home by more than the cost. For a free quotation from a quality Builder in Weston Super Mare.


Building land news

With a shortage of building land in Weston Super Mare a recent report by the FSB (Federation of Master Builders) could help to provide much needed homes for the area.
The report suggests that by utilising unused empty space above high street stores and shops and converting them to living accommodation between 300,000 and 400,000 new homes could be created nationally.
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New Housing funding

The Energy Saving Trust is suggesting that when planning a new extension or renovation thought should be given to improving the energy efficiency of their homes.
Taking the opportunity to add extra insulation or draught proofing will pay for itself in the long term and create a more comfortable environment. Most people complain that they don’t have enough storage in their home or there are rooms that are too cold to use without additional heating.
All these problems can be addressed by sitting down with your builder when planning your project. By employing a competent, experienced firm to carry out the work you will benefit from their practical experience and advice.
DSR Construction are builders in Weston Super Mare with over 30 years’ experience building extensions and carrying out renovations.
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